Preparing for your trip to The Lights of Christmas this year? Here are ten tips to help you get the most out of your drive-thru information.

1) Order your ticket in advance online at The Lights of Christmas

Tickets are only available online. Choose your date and time of purchase and arrive at the selected hour. Tickets range from $ 25-30 per 1-12 passenger car depending on the day of your choice.

2) See Christmas App Lights

The Lights of Christmas app is full of great content! Includes video and audio content, family Advent activities, and more! The free app also has a Bingo Card that you can use during driving.

3) Prepare to enjoy the ride

Bring anything you and your family can enjoy while you watch the beautiful lights. Maybe a cozy blanket or wearing your holiday pj. Sure, you can raise the temperature in your car but who doesn’t love comfort when they see magical lights?

4) Stop in town before you arrive

Stanwood is home to local boutique shops and restaurants. If you want to catch a bite to eat or buy a little for Christmas, stop in town before you get to the party.

5) Ready and seated before arrival

Make sure you and everyone in your car are in the seat you want to look at the lights before you arrive. There is no parking or exit area for changing seats before entering the event.

6) Get your QR code ticket available

Before you arrive make sure your ticket is a QR code extracted from your phone or printed so that the customer service team can easily check you.

7) Turn on the radio

Listen to 101.9 FM as you arrive and listen to beautiful Christmas music and jokes from Bruce the Spruce Talking Christmas Tree!

8) Stop snacks and hot drinks

There is only one place to eat and drink and it is located at the beginning of the event line. So, don’t overdo it if you want to buy hot mini donuts, a kettle, or delicious chocolate and coffee from S&T Espresso. Gifts and Reminders are available for purchase at the end of the drive-thru route.

9) Need to use the toilet?

There are also toilets at the entrance and exit of the event. The drive-thru event is about 30 minutes.

Note: Pets are allowed in your car while driving but you must stay in your car. There is no place for pets to free themselves for reasons.

10) Be prepared to take a family photo

All right! This year there is a special photo-op area at the end of the event trail where you and your family can park, get out of the car, and take a photo to remember that night. This is an opportunity for you to create your own image. So wear those same pajamas and adjust your camera.