There is no such thing as a holiday meal! It really connects people. From the holiday oven to homemade cookies, holiday meals enhance communication and often have our backs as well. Here are some of the favorite holiday dishes from the staff of The Lights of Christmas.

Italian Christmas Cookies– “My favorites are Italian Christmas cookies and‘ Reindeer Chow ’which is a delicious Chex blend.” Kayla Castiglione, Director of The Lights of Christmas

Egg Nog – “Home Nog Egg Milk Moves YUM YUM!” Eugene Barnes, General Manager at Warm Beach Camp

Chex Mix- “I like the Chex mix because of the variety of ingredients available.” Kristine Campbell, Volunteer at Warm Beach Camp

Buck Eyes– “Bakers! My aunt used to do it every Christmas and every Christmas I used to make myself sick and eat. ” Jessica Wilson, Director of Development at Warm Beach Camp Ministries

Cinnamon Rolls- “Egg nog and Cinnamon rolls!” Laurie Fertello, Creative Director of The Lights of Christmas

Chocolate Cakes – “Chocolate Cakes! (Nuts, cornflakes, semisweet chocolate) – because they are NOT YUMMY! ” Jeannie Patterson, Gift and Communication Development Manager at Warm Beach Camp Ministries

Fruits and Peanuts – “Satsuma seedless mandarin oranges and nuts mixed with two of my favorites!” -Carrie Paulson, Horse Dedication Partnership at Warm Beach Camp

Fudge- “My favorite is the smooth chocolate fudge. In our family, we call it “Fudge from the Vault” because we were only allowed to take out the recipe in a safe place in December. Getting that knowledge all year long can be dangerous to human health! ” Judy Lang, Volunteer at Warm Beach Camp

Did you know that there are also delicious snacks in The Lights of Christmas? This year hot-mini-mini donuts and kettlecorn are available for purchase. We wish you a light meal this Christmas!