What is Bouclé?
The word bouclé is a French word, translated from the English word ‘ boucle’ – this refers to the way the bouclé thread and fabric are made, coming from many different loops or “curls”. This process gives the fabric an interesting appearance. Though it is a heavy fabric that is surprisingly softly soft and offers an interesting texture that makes for a visually appealing look.

How to Make a boucle Style in Interior Design
boucle can be used to decorate a modern home in many ways. It can be used to add softness to living areas such as sofas and armchairs, or it can be added as an accent to your home decor by adding bouclé tights and pillows to accentuate your modern furniture. Bouclé came back a few years ago to add a more comfortable and comfortable touch to our modern homes.

boucle works well as a way to accentuate your modern furniture. Adding a boucle sound chair in the living room or office can provide a comfortable place to sit and read a book or have a cup of tea. Generally, bouclé furniture is made in neutral colors making it a perfect addition to your existing contemporary furniture, the texture of the material is what makes the pieces attractive. Apart from the voice chair, you can choose to add a love seat, similarly adding warmth and comfort to any room. Bouclé fabric is usually best suited for round furniture, be it a round chair, sofa, or ottoman.

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